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Spinningcpa: I met you at Johnny Ray's listening to the Bernadettes. The last lemondrop martini through me over the edge... should have gotten your contact information... I'm the accountant with personality

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susanI met you once at the 2009 Reading Festival in the crowd at a Kings of Leon performance. We said a few words but couldn't really hear before we lost each other in the crowd. I think you had a Manchester accent. I am from London. You are tall with dark hair. I was red-haired (it's now black) with a lip-piercing.  If you get this message and you're curious drop me a line - Susan.

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How You Can Find Someone You Met Only Once

Have you ever met someone only once, somewhere in the world? Did you feel a connection but missed your chance of friendship with them?  Do you not know how to find them again? 

I Met You OnceYou can look for them here.  Perhaps they are already looking for you.

I Met You Once is a social network created to give destiny a helping hand, to unite you with someone you met only briefly in the recent or distant past.

We've all been there.  We met someone we like but the circumstances weren't quite right to get to know them better.   We regret that we didn't ask their name or their number.  Months or years later we wonder how things would have been different if we took our chance to know that person.  We missed our only chance to know that person.

I Met You Once is your second chance.

The great thing about I Met You Once is that it is designed to help two peope who wish to find each other.  If you want to find them, and they want to find you, I Met You Once is the only site in the world that makes it so easy.

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